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Pakistan's Domain Name Marketplace that makes it easy to Buy & Sell .PK Domains by securely and directly connecting Buyers and Sellers through an interactive platform. Jivuu offers the largest listing of Premium .PK Domain Names for Sale by Sellers with complete control over Privacy and Communication settings.

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Benefits of Jivuu!

Jivuu enables instant and secure deals by offering a feature-rich marketplace where users can directly connect with Sellers by Making an Offer. Sellers have complete control over the Contact Information they wish to display alongside their Domain Listings. Sellers can choose to remain anonymous to protect their privacy, while still allowing them to receive offers through the platform. Jivuu’s interactive platform instantly alerts buyers and sellers for all Offer updates to make sure you don’t miss out on any deals.

Perfect .PK Domain Name Marketplace

A highly secure and interactive marketplcae for domain name sellers and buyers.

  • Buyers Communicate Directly with Sellers
  • Sellers list Domains with Complete Privacy
  • Jivuu Helps make Deals Secure and Easy

Jivuu offers Premium Services for the ease of Sellers and Buyers on Pakistan’s Largest Domain Name Marketplace

Domain Brokerage

Brokerage Service lends users a helping hand in their search for a Domain Names that fit their needs and budget. Additionally, this service can be used to help manage offers and negotiate the best deal with the assistance of our specialized support staff.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a useful function for clients with a large number of Domain Names. Jivuu handles the Domain Management, Discounted renewals and other matters pertaining to the Domain Names in your possession for a nominal fee.

Domain Transfer

Transferring .pk Domain Names is a manual and troublesome procedure which is streamlined by Jivuu’s Domain Transfer Service whereby we reduce your fatigue utilizing our Technical Expertise.

Secure Escrow

Escrow by Jivuu ensures that deals between buyers and sellers are securely and mutually finalized.

Why Jivuu!

A Brand Name can Make-or-Break a Business, and in Today's Digital World, the value of a Brand Name has increased many folds due to factors which determine how your potential customers come across your Business/Service/Product/Idea on the Internet. The consumer market has shaped up with the Digital revolution and a brand’s online outlook matters just as much as the service it provides. A consistent brand image is also significant so potential customers can find and identify you across platforms with ease.Therefore, it is essential to choose an apt Domain Name which not only complements your Brand but also stamps a Digital Footprint which helps you rise above your competition and stand out from the crowd.