Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

A Brand Name can Make-or-Break a Business, and in Today's Digital World, the value of a Brand Name has increased many folds, due to factors which determine how your potential customers come across your Business/Service/Product on the Internet. Therefore, it is essential to choose an appropriate Domain Name which complements your Brand and creates a Digital Footprint which helps you rise above your competition. Jivuu is Pakistan's Largest Domain Name Marketplace which makes Buying and Selling of Domains a hassle-free experience. Browse through our inventory using Keywords or Tags to find your ideal Domain Name, or list your own domain and start receiving offers.
Secure Escrow Service safeguards your money to ensure that the transaction takes place. Jivuu acts as an Intermediary in this case, the Buyer transfers funds to Jivuu and after verifying that the Domain has been handed over by the Seller, funds are released.
Tags are keywords to help potential customers find your Domain on Jivuu. You can enter at least 1 and upto 10 tags against a Domain Name.
Verifying via your Phone Number of Email Address lets us know that you're a legitimate user. You may only access the full features of an account once you’ve verified either your Phone Number or Email Address.
On signing up to Jivuu, an email is automatically sent to the Email Address used at the time of Sign-Up. This can be used to verify your email address. If you wish to verify your Phone Number instead, you may generate an OTP from the Dashboard.
The option to verify via Phone Number is currently available only in Pakistan. If you did provide a compliant number and still received no OTP, click on ‘Verify Phone Number’ option below your provided contact number and request another.
Premium Domains are identified from the publicly listed domains based on the Domain Name’s appeal and Market interest. Your Domain Name might be selected for this purpose and displayed in the Premium section maximising exposure if it fulfills certain criteria.

Buyer FAQs

Search for a Domain Name using a Keyword or explore the vast variety of Tags to browse through our inventory. Then you may contact the seller directly if the seller has chosen to display his contact info or Make an Offer to the Domain Owner. Another route is to acquire a Domain via our Premium Services at nominal cost, Get in touch for further details!
Users can avail our Premium Services if they don’t want to go through the trouble of finding and purchasing a domain. Users provide their needs with budget range and Jivuu handles the acquisition of Domain Name on their behalf, contact support via Phone, Email or Live Chat to make use of this feature.

Seller FAQs

Click on the 'Get Started' button to initiate Listing of your Domain for Sale, once you’ve signed up and verified your account via either email or phone number. Click on the ‘Add New Domain’ button from the sidebar in Dashboard.
Domain Prices may get rounded up once you’ve added a Domain Listing. This is done for display purposes and the behavior varies based on chosen currency.
To remove a Domain listing, navigate to the Dashboard and select 'My Domains' in the left side-bar. Click on the Delete option against Domain you wish to remove to hide it from being publicly searchable.
Your Domain might not be publicly visible if you haven’t verified the Domain Ownership.
A Domain Landing page is a promotional sales page which gets created if you’ve chosen to verify your Domain via NS Record method. It is accessible by directly visiting your Domain Name’s URL and can help boost your listing reach by allowing users to send offers directly from URL.
Domain ownership needs to be verified before listings become publicly visible, this is needed to prove that you are in possession of the domain and are authorized to transfer it further on incase of a deal being agreed.
Jivuu mandates that you Verify either your Email Address or Phone Number before being able to list your domain for sale to potential customers. This not only allows interested parties to contact you directly should you choose to display them but also ensures legitimate users.
If you don't wish for your Phone Number/Email Address to be Publicly visible or associated with a domain, simply uncheck the appropriate options while listing a Domain for Sale. Display of such information is encouraged as it leads to more responses than a Domain where contact information is absent. For a Domain Listing which has already been added, you may Edit from ‘My Domains’ in Dashboard by selecting the relevant listing and choose the information to be displayed.
The three Domain Verification options are as follows:
1. NS Record: This method is ideal if the Domain Name is not currently associated with a website or intended to be sold exclusively, verification via this method enables the Domain Landing Page for your Domain Name.
2. TXT Record: This method allows ownership verification without affecting your existing website configuration and does not require hosting.
3. File Upload: Verification via File Upload is only possible if you have web hosting associated with your Domain Name.
Further details on aforementioned methods are provided when adding a domain