Premium Services

Looking to buy a domain name but short on ideas? Avail our premium services for a nominal fee and we’ll assist you in landing the ideal domain for your business, project or whatever your need may be. Let us guide you through the sea of possibilities and save your precious time by identifying relevant domain names and negotiate for the best options within your budget. Sellers may also avail our premium services if they have a domain name to sell but unsure about how to proceed in getting listed on the platform. Simply contact our team via email, phone or live chat option and get instant support. Jivuu offers the following premium services:

● Our users can utilize the Domain Transfer service whereby Jivuu will handle the tedious process of ensuring that the domain has been legally transferred through the Domain Name Registrar, both Sellers and Buyers may benefit from this feature.

● Jivuu offers Portfolio Management as a service so users don’t have to worry about renewal of their prized domains, this is ideal for Individuals or Organizations with a large number of domains.


● Buyers can avail help in the search and acquisition of a domain name by getting in touch with their needs and budget.

● Buyers can let us negotiate on their behalf for a Domain Name they like to get the best possible deal without the hassle of haggling, saving them time and money


● Sellers can seek out support in getting their domain listed to gain maximum exposure.

● Sellers can get their domain name featured on the platform and have it advertised via our social channels.